La.Di.Dá Sur La Mer Restaurant

La.Di.Dá Sur La Mer Restaurant at Sublimis Boutique Hotel
Wine, La.Di.Dá Sur La Mer Restaurant, Sublimis Boutique Hotel
Dish, La.Di.Dá Sur La Mer Restaurant, Sublimis Boutique Hotel

La.Di.Dá Sur la Mer will allow you to top your sublime experience off with unparalleled panoramic views overlooking the beautiful Golfo Paradiso. 

The starting point of our seaside restaurant in Camogli is sustainability; a cuisine linked to its ancestral roots, respecting the seasonality of each product, and using the raw materials of the surrounding area. 

A cuisine that respects the resources given to us by Nature. The core of the restaurant's gastronomic proposal is the product, used in its entirety - its parts, layers, cuts. The restaurant adopts the most suitable cooking and processing techniques, respecting the properties and qualities of each individual ingredient. 

A cuisine which uses natural resources, local products, and artisanal materials with the purpose of supporting the preservation of biodiversity, the preservation of the Italian gastronomy, and the enhancement of craftsmanship. 

We invite you to taste the creations of the La.Di.Dá Sur la Mer restaurant inside the Sublimis Boutique Hotel, where excellent local products are accompanied by a curated selection of quality regional wines. 

Opening hours: From Wednesday to Sunday from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm

For reservations and further information, please call at  +39 0185 1788031