Our rooms

With their modern and elegant design, the 21 large and exclusive rooms are equipped with high-quality furnishings with small and accurate details; quiet spaces to relax accompanied by the sound of the sea waves.

The Sublimis Boutique Hotel has four different types of rooms: Horizon, Aedes, Harmonia, and Suavitas; and two typologies of collection: De Luxo Collection and De Sublimi Collection, composed of the most exclusive and unique rooms of the hotel.

Provided with:





Luxury bathroom amenities






Horizon room

Starting from 18 to 26 square meters, the Horizon rooms are the essentials, where the real and only protagonist is the horizon of Golfo Paradiso.

Aedes room

Sized between 25 and 35 square meters, Aedes are the rooms located in our dependance, next to the main building of Sublimis, for an extra dash of privacy.

Discover the magic of our newest accomodations, some of them with and some others without mezzanine.

Harmonia room

Starting from 25 to 30 square meters, Harmonia rooms are romantic, quiet, the only ones among the collection with a view over the village of Camogli.

Suavitas room

Starting from 23 to 33 square meters, Suavitas rooms, which are so similar and diverse at the same time, are bright and «soavi» (gratifying), with multiple glimpses of the Great Sea.

Suavitas Room

De Luxo collection

Sized between 27 and 45 square meters. Each room of the De Luxo collection has its own personality and hence its own name.

De Sublimi collection

Sized between 34 and 35 square meters. The two De Sublimi rooms are the most precious pearls of Sublimis Boutique Hotel Camogli: they both provide a spacious terrace with external jacuzzi, for who wants an absolute privacy.

De Sublimi Collection - Maiestas Room