De Luxo Collection

Sized between 27 and 45 square meters. Each room of the De Luxo collection has its own personality and hence its own name.

The rooms can host up to a maximum of two people and are all non-smoking. Moreover, the hotel is pet-friendly for small- and medium-sized pets.

Each reservation includes the following customizable services: continental breakfast, adaptable to any dietary necessity, room temperature, matress softness, concierge service and valet service.

Only who will book a De Luxo collection room will find unique Sublimis gifts, plus an extra luxury: the Illy espresso machine in-room, always at the guest’s disposal.

Provided with:





Luxury bathroom amenities






De Luxo Collection - Luceo room

Luceo room

35 square-meter room, 10 square-meter terrace, one unique space bathed in light: Luceo is the brightest room of the De Luxo collection. With its 4-meter-sliding-door, the private solarium, a glass shower, this open-space welcomes the guests by inviting them to «fall into the sea».

Aureus room

The golden room of the De Luxo collection: 27 square-meters with 17 square-meter terrace. Soft sand tonalities, two door windows, a private terrace: Aureus provides to its guests a double sitting area and a unique view of the Camogli’s skyline and sea.

De Luxo Collection - Aureus Room
De Luxo Collection - Extasis room

Extasis room

27 square-meters room with a 24 square-meters terrace; the hardest decision would be to rather sleep in bed or in the «shell» sofa located on the terrace. Extasis allows the guest to observe the Golfo Paradiso from any point of view: lying in bed, taking a shower, sipping a drink from the tallest terrace of the whole hotel.

Lazula room

Named after the color of its walls, Lazula is a 32 square-meter room with a 7 square-meter terrace. Inspired by the arts of the XIX century, this room has a 4-meters view overlooking the sea, a library and an in-door bathtub for two.

De Luxo Collection - Lazula room
De Luxo Collection - Amoris room

Amoris room

47 square-meter room, a small balcony, all dedicated to the god of love; Amoris has no rivals when talking about romance. With its 4-meter-sliding-door, it provides to its guests privacy, design and a large Jacuzzi for two.

Splendens room

A 40-square-meters room, a balcony; Splendens is simply splendid: a linear design, a soft tonality, a sliding glass wall with a view of the Ligurian sea.

De Luxo Collection - Splendens room